Week one of Ayr Academy’s Summer Sessions just wrapped up. It sure was a good time shredding with all our campers!

IMG_9719_webThank you Campers!

goldman_hellion_supermanJamie Goldman sends a superman over Hellion, campers approve. Photo: Dave Smutok

140710-PJK-24Louis and Miguel

140710-PJK-38Edward and Jamie

140710-PJK-54Jamie and Bryson Fancy Feast to Cat’s Paw

140710-PJK-66Tyler “Tweaksbury” and Miguel on Cat’s Paw

140710-PJK-74Josh on Cat’s Paw

140710-PJK-83James, Edward, Carl, and Colin chatting it up before playing “foot down”

140710-PJK-104Jamie and Bryson battling it out for foot down glory


140710-PJK-123More foot down…

140710-PJK-201James whipping it out on Cat’s Paw

140710-PJK-219“Tweaksbury” on Cat’s Paw

Photos: Paul Kelly


2012 Ayr Academy Session 4


2012 Ayr Academy Session 3



2011 Session 1

Our first session in 2011 was a blast. We had a ripping crew of campers and the fun never stopped. Geoff Gulevich, Chase, Adam Hauk, Slim, and Smutok did the coaching. Gully destroyed Freebird by lofting huge barrel roll back flips and dumped 3’s as the campers looked on. Chase taught everyone how to really use the foam pit. And poor Slim took some abuse from the campers when they figured out how to sculpt Tootsie Rolls into very realistic looking tur… errr… you do the math. Hope that treat on your pillow didn’t ruin your week Slim. As for the rest of the fun, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


Ayr and the GoPros

One of our campers’ favorite parts of the Ayr Academy is getting their hands on our GoPro Cameras. Throughout the week they sign out the cam’s, are taught how to use them, and how to edit their footage into short vid’s. And who better to learn how to use a GoPro from than Aaron Chase. He is a GoPro sponsored athlete after all and trust us, he knows how to make these things work to their max potential. Check out the pic’s of Aaron teaching the tricks of the trade.


2011 Session 3

Here are a few images from the 2011 Ayr Academy Session 3. Tyler McCaul, Dave Smutok, and Aaron Chase coached the week long camp. Judging from the pic’s everyone had a good time and learned to go big too. Check out the shots of the campers hitting the big drop on NE Style. That’s as high as dropping off the roof of your house! Yeah boys!