Ayr Academy Team

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The Ayr Academy Team provides a unique environment where athletes have the opportunity to pursue their passion in mountain biking.

The ultimate goal for the Ayr Academy team is to create a well-rounded experience for athletes to better themselves as riders and individuals in a fun and safe environment. We are constantly trying to improve our offerings and add value to every opportunity with state of the art training facilities and progressive trail design and construction.

Individualized athlete planning ensures proper long-term development and allows the program to cater to any range of rider ability. Having a clear set of goals and desired outcomes guide the coaching staff in the planning stages of developing a program that best fits each athlete.

Athlete Curriculum

The Ayr Academy team curriculum will provide an education of the fundamental skills for both freestyle and race disciplines in mountain biking necessary to take riding to the next level and be successful at achieving goals. Each year it is important to revisit these fundamentals and practice them from the beginning before moving on to more advanced techniques.


Contact Loren Hayes loren@highlandmountain.com for more information or to sign-up today.