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Ayr Academy Team | Tilton at Highland

The Tilton at Highland program is dedicated to enhancing the power of potential in aspiring high school-aged mountain bikers, joining the passion of riding with the desire to learn. Our goal is to help students challenge themselves both academically and athletically.

Highland is world renowned for helping mountain bikers take their riding to the next level in a safe, controlled environment. Riders travel from all over the world to train at Highland’s state of the art facilities including The Highland Training Center, the Ayr Bag, numerous jump parks and miles of trails, both downhill and cross country. Highland is America’s Bike Park.

Tilton Classroom and Highland Classroom

For more than 165 Years, Tilton School has embraced potential and the unique attributes of each individual student.  It is a process of discovery, of challenge, of young adults stretching and accomplishing beyond their imagination or perceived capabilities.

Tilton and Highland both share the mission of better student-athletes, and encouraging them to find their potential with in their passions.

Learning at Tilton and Learning at Highland

The Tilton at Highland experience is customized for each individual athlete to meet his or her own personal goals. Training programs will coincide with school time activities allowing riders to train hard while achieving academic successes.

Ride where you learn: Tilton at Highland | www.TiltonSchool.org

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