Chad Deluca


Name: Chad Deluca

Hometown: Mashpee, MA (Cape Cod)

Favorite Trail at Highland
Full Run – Hellion / Mixed Run – NE Style to Power Hour to Happy Hour / Overall – Bone Saw

Favorite Trail outside of Highland
Jester and Night Slayer (Burke, VT)

What I like best about coaching
I love sharing my passion with others, especially kids because they have many young years ahead of them. I love when whoever I’m teaching stomps a drop, rails a berm, or clears a jump for the first time and the excitement they express gets me stoked every time. In these moments both my client and I feel a sense of accomplishment. The majority of the people I teach love there experience and some feel inspired enough to get into the sport.  The more people I teach, the more the world knows about this great sport. Knowing that every day I influence someone’s life and the sport of mountain biking by hopefully growing it, is my way of giving back to the sport I love.