Greg Watts


Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Schedule: Coming soon…

Favorite trail at Highland? 
NE Style to Power Hour to Slopestyle with no stopping!

What do you love about coaching?
My favorite part of coaching is the last day of camp.  The campers know it’s their last change to ride so it seems like that’s the day day they progress the most.  Watching them do things on the last day that thy thought was impossible a few days earlier.

What do you looking forward to most about camp?
Riding Highland! Coaching there makes it an easy work day cause even the beginner trails are fun to flow down, and DODGEBALL!!

Sponsors – Mongoose Bikes, Rockstar Energy, Deity, Giro, Marzocchi, Maxxis, Gamut USA, Smith Optics, Shimano, Novatec, Sensus, Cold cock

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