Thanks for all of your awesome video entries in the Double Trouble Video Scholarship! We’re getting stoked for camp watching them, and bet you are too. Check out all the vids below, and next week we will announce the winner on Facebook and

Tucker Plante & Matt Kirpas

Jackson Cornwall & Brad Spoerri

Matt Rugo

Derek Hines

Peter Jamison & Jack McPherson

Connor Smith

Tristan Gallo & Jack Sargent

Hale Davies

Matthew Morrison & Daniel

Cody Burns

Alan Worth

Bryce Carroll

Double Trouble Video Scholarship contest with two $1000 prizes up for grabs

Friendships made through riding are special ones- you pick each other up when you fall, you celebrate a success of landing a new trick with a high five and encourage each other when things aren’t quite going right. Tell us about the friendships you’ve made through riding and how much more fun is shredding with your buds!

Kyle and Jamie are long time friends from competing and now coaching Ayr Academy.

Grab GoPro, iPhone or whatever camera you’ve got and film you and your friends riding, hanging out and just having fun on your bikes. Costumes and shenanigans are encouraged, make us laugh!

Ben high fives Bryson on his way through Sherwood Forest.

Edit your video & share to the Ayr Academy Facebook page by April 28th

If we pick your video, you AND a friend of your choosing each win a $1,000usd scholarship to Ayr Academy for 2014!

It’s this simple:

  1. Ride with your buds
  2. Film it
  3. Edit it
  4. Share it to the Ayr Academy Facebook page by April 28th 

Now what are you waiting for? Get shredding! Visit for more information or to sign up for camp!

 2014 Sessions:

Session 1 – July 6th – 12th
Session 2 – July 13th – 19th
Session 3 – July 20th – 26th
Session 4 – July 27th – Aug 2nd

-The Ayr Academy Crew

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*Referred camper must be new to Ayr Academy (not already registered or a camper from previous years). You must be registered for Ayr Academy at the time of referral to win. Limited to one gift card per camper.

You asked, he answered! Tyler McCaul dishes on the down and dirty.

Veteran Ayr Academy Coach, RedBull Rampage rider, and moto-whip master Tyler McCaul agreed to answer your questions on Facebook. You dished out the good, the bad, and the ugly and Tyler had some fun responding to his fans! Here is a sample of what you asked, and T-Mac’s answers. For the full interview click here.

1. Your Rampage run was bonkers and awesome to watch, was that the burliest line you’ve ever ridden?
Thank you!! Yea it definitely was both the burliest line and the burliest amount of digging I’ve ever had to do in a short period of time to get that line done. My dig crew killed it for me. I am going back to that line again this year, so luckily most of the work is already done. Now I just have to step up what I do on it…

2. How do you take your coffee?
I don’t know if I’ve ever taken coffee, that’d be stealing. But I like my coffee with lots of cream, my dad says I’m a wuss.

3. Have you ever lost a trick that you want to get back, and what is the trick?
Yes! Supercan X-ups. They used to be my favorite trick and I kind of forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me, gonna try to re-learn them today.

4. Do you and Cam get told off for talking bike stuff around the dinner table?
Haha, not so much, our parents like hearing about it!

5. Do you like your trails rough and wild or buttery smooth?
Depends on what kind of trails. If it’s a DH trail I like it rough and shnarbly (I think I just made that word up), but if they are dirt jump trails then I like them as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

6. Any tips for learning tricks?
Find the safest jump possible with a semi-soft landing and practice, practice, practice. Don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t work at first and keep working on it ’til the kinks are all ironed out before you try it on a jump with a hard packed landing.

7. Do you have any advice or secret tip on how to do your signature Moto-Whip on the big bike?
It’s all in the hips and arms. Lead with those two things, not your butt. Never let it get out further than you are able to bring it back, or else your mom will get super tired of buying you new wheels…

8. Do you shave your legs?
Haha, no I never have, and I definitely don’t plan it.

9. How do you train?
I’ve been going to a personal trainer with my brother twice a week for the last few months and that’s something that’s new for me. I started about a month before Rampage to get stronger for that event, and I’ve decided to keep with it. Other than that it depends on what I’m training for. I like to do a lot of different events so I have to train in a lot of different ways. If I’m training for slopestyle or dirt jumping I practice tricks into my pool, then either mulch or sand, and then eventually take it to dirt. There are usually a lot of crashes involved in that process. If I’m training for a speed and style event then I do what I listed above, as well as trying to get some turn practice in on a slalom track that I built at a friend’s house. If I’m training for an event like Rampage then I just try to spend as much time as possible on my downhill bike. I usually don’t touch my hard tail or slopestyle bike at all for about a month before that event. For all the events however, I try to get out on trail rides as much as possible to stay in shape, because that helps for everything.

10. Would you shave your head for $100?
No, I have a big head and I would look like an alien.

11. Can I “borrow” a bike from you? And when are you showing up at Highland?
If you come to camp I’ll let you ride my bike around for sure! Not sure when I’m making it out yet, still waiting for the contest schedule to be announced but I plan on being there as much as possible!

2014 Ayr Academy Summer Camp Sessions

Session 1: July 6th – 12th
Session 2: July 13th – 19th
Session 3: July 20th – 26th
Session 4: July 27th – August 2nd

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This just in- Jamie Goldman will be the head celebrity coach for Session 1 and 2. Goldman has a long history in freeride, competing in the biggest contests in the world! He brings his burly, powerful tricks and easygoing personality, making him one of the favorite coaches at Ayr Academy!

Highland Mountain Bike Park in association with the Tilton School are proud to announce the Tilton at Highland Merit Scholarship Program. The merit scholarship is available to students looking to attend Tilton School and train at Highland Mountain Bike Park’s premier facilities.

Applicants must create a video application telling us “What I believe in most…” and submit it by January 31st, 2014. Videos can be shot in any format on any type of device, and uploaded to a publicly accessible online player (YouTube, Vimeo, PinkBike, etc.).

Visit: for full details on how to apply. For more information on the Tilton at Highland Program visit:

Scholarships range from $5,000 to $15,000. Winners will be notified by the Tilton School directly.