Jump Parks


Highland’s main dirt jump park is located at the bottom of the mountain, riders right of the slopestyle course.  At two acres in size you could almost get lost in its 3 sections!

The upper section is mostly intermediate to advanced double jumps with many lines twisting in and around each other. Think doubles, berms, rollers, skip jumps, and transfers. The video to the right was filmed at the Browdown Showdown, a Highland dirt jump competition, and shows the jumps at the larger side of the jump park being slayed by some local rippers.

Right below the upper section is the pump track, this is great to get warmed up on or learn the basic skills of pumping over varied terrain. The pump track is built for fun and can be enjoyed by both beginner and advanced riders.

Tucked in the woods just below the pump track is Sherwood Forest. This is the favorite spot for many of our local dirt jumpers. Sherwood Forest is made up of smaller beginner to intermediate double jumps and ends with a big tranny wall to finish off the line.