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Operating during October, November, April, and May, the program includes four days of riding and one day off each week. Three of the riding days will be with a coach working toward athlete goals and one day is for athletes to freeride and practice at their desire. 2 days, (Monday and Wednesday), should be reserved for 1.5 hours of strength training*.


Lift Access DH – 2 lessons a weekAyr Academy Team Training Calendar

  • Revisit and break down basic fundamentals and apply them to varied terrain around the mountain
  • Advanced cornering, braking and line choice

Non-Lift Access hardtail bikes – 1 lesson a week

  • Mechanics of pumping and bunny hopping
  • Pump track, small tabletops/dirtjump lines
  • HTC – Pumping, Rolling into Foam pit, air quarter pipe


Lift Access DH – 2 lessons a week till park season close

  • Apply pumping and bunny hopping techniques to downhill trails and jumps
  • Learning how to ride drops
  • Techniques to gauging your speed into jumps and drops

Non-Lift Access hardtail bikes – 1 lesson a week

  • Jumping double dirt jumps and rhythm
  • Popping jumps vs. staying low
  • Introduction to basic tricks


* Recommended strength and conditioning not included in program